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About Bebe McRae & Alexis Thompson

What happens when a shining star meets a comet? They create fireworks. 

Bay Area sellers and buyers who want the very best when handling important assets and investments in real estate seek representation by Bebe McRae and Alexis Thompson. Together, Alexis and Bebe mesh traditional values with modern methods to offer unparalleled expertise and flawless execution.

 “We take client representation seriously,” says Alexis. “No transaction is more important than a long-term client relationship. That means you can count on our forthright input.” Bebe adds: “Our clients are as diverse as Bay Area architectural styles and micro-climates; we tailor our services to meet their precise needs.”

Offering a refreshing blend of long-term perspective and cutting-edge savvy, Alexis and Bebe advise clients who are contemplating their next move in real estate. They are stunningly effective with clients who are ready to take the leap.

The selling process can be intense, but their clients can relax knowing they have two strong agents to handle every detail. Sellers benefit from the partnership’s energy to implement a customized marketing plan with the broadest reach – and their proven strategies have set many records.

And buyers are equally successful. Bebe and Alexis recognize a winning transaction has as much to do with their clients’ circumstances as it does with numbers. Without reliance on algorithms or checklists, buyers are guided through the process to a purchase that feels like home.

These agents understand that a home isn’t merely an address.  It’s a visceral and highly personal experience and not based on square feet or the number of bedrooms. Alexis and Bebe advise their clients on the assets and trade-offs of any property, but they are careful also to provide access to every possibility.  In this way, clients can be guided and fully informed to make their own judgements.

The Partnership:

Bebe, a local real estate legend, draws on years of success to lend perspective and long-term strategy. Alexis, is, simply put, “in sync”. As liaison to the rest of the staff and talented service providers, her presence lends exacting oversight with an ease that brings calm. Together they can anticipate and explain just about any situation that arises and offer crystal clear vision on how best how to reach the end goal. 

In this dynamic partnership, both women appreciate each other’s assets. After more than a decade working together, these two laughingly say that Bebe can foresee problems and Alexis is ready to handle them. Yet Alexis is quick to add, “Bebe is one of the most energetic people you’ll ever meet!  One of us is always available. In today’s fast-paced market -- that’s crucial.”

Given their enormous credibility and stellar reputation within the community, you can be confident that representation with Bebe and Alexis provides the broadest exposure and the strongest results.

Bebe and Alexis chose The Grubb Company as the only locally owned and managed real estate company of enduring reputation and reach. With the benefit of a full-time assistant and an amazingly capable staff, Bebe and Alexis are ready to help with any real estate need. Bebe can be reached at 510-928-3912 & Alexis at 510-816-0706.


Given her enormous credibility and stellar reputation within the community, you can be confident that representation with Bebe provides the broadest exposure and the strongest results.